Terry O'Neill


I began to make video profiles for my artist friends as a favour. Then I realized that they are a great way to stay sharp and hone my storytelling skills. Nowadays I make shorts for clients in the cultural and education fields, using the tools of creative non-fiction such as anecdote and reflection. I like to think of them as my versions of my favourite radio show This American Life, sweet, intimate, not nessesarily cool, but smart.


2019 Governor General’s Awards in Visual and Media Art


This past autumn I was lucky enough to be chosen to create a portrait of one of the winners of the 2019 Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Art. I then hit the jackpot being paired with filmmaker and artist Ali Kazimi. He was a gem, and a joy to interview. Tara Cooper ran the interview and we both shot and edited the final piece.


2013 Giller Prize Book Trailers

The Giller Prize award ceremony had a problem—few attendees had read all of the books, making the whole endeavor an abstract exercise. Working with a small team I scripted, shot and edited a book trailer for each nominee. The trailers were a big hit at the ceremony and are now standard each year. 


Benoit Maubrey CAFKA 18, 2018

Benoit Maubrey is a real character, an old-school punk artist who created the fantastic art installation ARENA for CAFKA 18. Local art critic and writer Glodeane Browne interviewed Benoit as he put the finishing touches on the work. It's a crazy project, a giant array of found speakers that locals can sing into, call up and rant into, or just hang out on. One of the best projects I've seen at a CAFKA.

Artist Residencies

There’s something magical about artist residencies. Beyond the typical reasons of time and focus, there’s something deeper. It’s meeting new artists, learning new techniques, and exploring parts of the world you may not even think of. Here’s a couple of videos we made during our residencies at Anderson Ranch Art Center, and Ox-Bow School of Art.

Ox-Bow School of Art, 2017

In the summer of 2017 Tara and I were invited as Faculty in Residence at the Ox-Bow School of Art. It's kind of a big deal. Once we arrived we understood why—the grounds are magical, the artists are some of the best in America, and there is an infectious spirit that makes you want to make. For our artist's talk we made a portrait of the school—shot and cut in 2 days. We're pretty proud of it, and the informal quality and style is a direction we are going to follow more in our films to come.


Anderson Ranch Art Center, 2015

A look into the story behind Jeremy Dean's new sculpture Everything Rises, created at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass Colorado.

University of Waterloo Shorts

How do you compete for future graduate students in a competitive landscape? Feature short stories of current grads telling really specific stories, not just the usual platitudes. I have made over a dozen shorts for Univeristy of Waterloo's Fine Arts Department.

Dollhouse, 2016

Dollhouse is Anna van Milligen's MFA thesis installation, completed at the University of Waterloo Department of Fine Arts in spring 2016. The installation is a knockout, Barbie Modernism is what I'd call it


Office Hours, University of Waterloo, 2018

A look inside University of Waterloo's Philosophy Department featuring PHd candidate Vanessa Lam, and Associate Professor Mathieu Doucet.